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This post is all about one of my favorite teaching tools...Nearpod! If you aren't familiar with Nearpod, it is a fantastic tool for creating interactive lessons that can be done in synchronous/asynchronous learning environments, as well as classroom learning. They have a HUGE library of free and premium lessons! The have a dedicated resource hub for distance learning here


What is Nearpod and what can I do with it?

Nearpod is an incredible tool for interactive, meaningful lessons that students can access in a variety of ways. Nearpod can be used with Classroom, Teams, Zoom, Schoology, and more. One of my favorite features is that you can add the Nearpod extention to Google Slides, and then create your Nearpod lessons completely through Slides without switching between sites. I work in a school system that currently uses Google apps, and it was really helpful that I could use everything that I created in Slides to make lessons in Nearpod, instead of "reinventing the wheel". :-)

Nearpod's two lesson delivery methods are pretty cool, too. When we were doing in-person learning, I used the live-paced delivery and depending on the lesson, students either watched on the board or followed along on their Chromebooks. With the transition to distance learning in March, I started using the student-paced method. I found that doing a live-paced lesson during synchronous learning worked the best, and student-paced delivery worked REALLY well for the asynchronous assignments. I posted the assignment in Google Classroom, and then I used Classroom to give feedback to individual students.

One of the things I love about Nearpod is the ability to edit a Slides presentation within Google while adding interactive Nearpod content. I used this slide deck from Teachers Pay Teachers for this example.

Why Nearpod?

When we were in school, I often used Nearpod as an enhancement of our classroom lessons.

With the transition to distance learning this past spring, I have really used Nearpod to reach all of my students where they are and make their learning more meaningful. Nearpod makes teaching in any environment (a/synchronous, in-person) possible with smooth transitions from one to the other. For music teachers, Nearpod has some great music lessons, both free and paid, that feature recorders, literacy skills, science, etc.

If you're interested in learning about Nearpod, they've got a great resource library that answers all of your questions right here!


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