How to put music notation in Docs!

Hey everyone!

I got asked a question about music notation in google Docs, and out of curiosity I started looking around...and found Flat for Docs! It is an experimental add-on that allows you to do many different types of music notation in a google doc. If you are working on creating worksheets or exercises for your students to be included on google classroom or a hybrid learning environment, this might be what you're looking for!

Below is a video I made about how to find the add-on, and how to use it.

Ok, that's awesome, but what do I do now?

  1. Add your document to a Flipgrid and have students video themselves playing and/or reading the notes.

  2. Create an assignment in Google Classroom and select "make a copy for each student".

  3. Add it to a slide deck to use with your students in person!


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