3 Tech Tools for Music Teachers

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If you've read my bio, you know that I have been an elementary school music teacher for over ten years. During that time (and in more recent months), I have amassed a library of go-to tech resources for online learning that work specifically for teachers of music. I would like to share three resources that I use most often, and why/how I use them!

  1. Flipgrid- I have been teaching Conversational Solfege (CS) to my students for several years, and I have found that Flipgrid is a fantastic tool for assessing all of my students at each step of CS. The structure of CS units within Flipgrid is very accessible and organized. Each unit of CS has its own Grid, and the assessments are each labeled as Topics within the grid. Below is an example of an assignment for Unit 3 of CS:

I can give each student individual feedback in Flipgrid, and can also do it in Google Classroom! It has especially worked well with distance learning, in that I can still teach my students music literacy effectively even while we are in two different places


2. Shared Piano- This chrome experiment is an interactive piano that up to 10 people can play at the same time. IT IS SO COOL! The video on their website does a great job explaining it, so I will put it right here:

If you are teaching piano or just using this as a collaborative, fun activity, it will definitely keep your students engaged!


3. Kahoot!- If you are looking for a fun, interactive way to build and assess the knowledge of your students, Kahoot is worth looking into. You can create your own interactive quizzes, or you can check out Kahoot Academy's extensive knowledge base to find subject and content-specific lessons and quizzes. This site offers both free and premium subscriptions. This is a great tool for quizzing students on instrument families, music literacy, etc.


Ok, that's it for now! I have been so busy getting everything set up to teach my own classes that I haven't had a spare minute to write a solid blog post or do a solid video in about two weeks! Once the school year gets rolling, I will have a little more time to work on some new content. :-)


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