3 Google Experiments to Try with your Students!

By now, most music teachers have used Chrome Music Lab in some capacity in their classrooms. I personally love the Kandinsky activity which turns your drawings into music. I've come across some great lessons using this Google Experiment, and every class I teach loves doing all of the different activities. Chrome Music Lab actually comes from a website where coders can submit their experiments that utilize various Google Apps. Here are three more Music Experiments to try with your classes!

  1. Semi- Conductor: Students can experience being an orchestra conductor virtually! This could be used as an additional tool for exploring the orchestra and/or music careers. It could also be just for fun!

2. Seeing Music: Seeing Music is a great experiment to use when you're teaching science and sound. It mimics how an oscilloscope works, and allows you to see what different sounds look like. The video from the experiment's overview website is also a great tool for explaining how these tools work!

3. Shared Piano: Up to ten people can play this piano at the same time! A great opportunity for students doing distance learning to make music together.

What other Experiments with Google have you used? I would love to know!

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